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Save Us, O Lord - a poem from Psalm 118 by daniel aaron webster - ATWD a thing worth doing blog - worship, ministry, and culture

“Save Us, O Lord” a poem from Psalm 118

A poem from Psalm 118

With all who from the wars of tyrants run and scatter from their land we pray, 
“Save us, O Lord!”
With all the widows who have not the means to live except a mite we pray,
“Save us, O Lord!”
With all the children left alone and for the ones who open wide their homes,
For those with bodies whole but struggle with a broken heart or mind we pray,
“Save us, O Lord!”

In my distress, I called unto the One who helps the weakened on the way:
“Help me, O Lord!”
“Our God is on my side,” I cried, “I will not fear as evil men array.
Help me, O Lord!”
Let those who fear the One above declare with me his everlasting love.
Let no one trust in rulers for their refuge when our God is nigh to save! 
Help us, O Lord!”

We bless you from the house of God and with a festal sacrifice we say,
“Thank you, O Lord.”
You are our God, and we with grateful hearts do offer you our hymn of praise:
“Thank you, O Lord.”
The once rejected Cornerstone now brings salvation to the ones who’ve roamed.
The Lord is good! And for his steadfast love, we join our hearts in song this day­:
“Thank you, O Lord.”


For more poetry, check out “Lady Wisdom,” from Proverbs 1.

I also wrote a short story once. It’s entitled, “Vermilion, to be Exact.” Check it out!

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Daniel Aaron Webster - blog a thing worth doing - worship, culture, ministry - early Christian music

Daniel Aaron Webster is a minister, writer, and teacher. His primary research interest is early Christian music, especially the musical thought of Clement of Alexandria.

Daniel serves at Welch College as Director of Enrollment & Marketing and as Adjunct Instructor of Music & Theology. He is also the Associate Pastor for Music & Worship at Immanuel Church in Gallatin, TN. 

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