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Shorter Readings for Christian Worship by Daniel Webster - A Thing Worth Doing blog - Public Reading of Scripture Free Download - worship, ministry, and culture

Shorter Readings for Christian Worship

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Before His death, Christ promised his disciples that when the Spirit of truth comes he will guide believers into all truth (John 16:13). Christ later prayed to the Father that the Spirit would sanctify his children in the truth of the Word (John 17:17). For two millennia, followers of Christ have worshiped the Father in the Spirit and truth (John 4:24). Apart from the Scriptures, the church cannot worship, for man must come to the Father on his terms—Christ, the Spirt, and the Word. The goal of Shorter Readings for Christian Worship is to help pastors accomplish the kind of worship that the Father requires. To assist in this purpose over 500 verses of Scripture from the Old and New Testaments have been selected for use as calls to worship, calls to confession and restoration, and benedictions.

These readings have been labeled as “shorter” because they contain 1-5 verses. These readings are appropriate at the beginning of worship (call to worship), after the message (calls to confession and restoration), and at the end of worship (benedictions). This volume does not contain longer readings. Longer readings may be chosen based on the time of year, the theme of the message, or the theme of the congregational songs.

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Daniel Aaron Webster - blog a thing worth doing - worship, culture, ministry - early Christian music

Daniel Aaron Webster is a minister, writer, and teacher. His primary research interest is early Christian music, especially the musical thought of Clement of Alexandria.

Daniel serves at Welch College as Director of Enrollment & Marketing and as Adjunct Instructor of Music & Theology. He is also the Associate Pastor for Music & Worship at Immanuel Church in Gallatin, TN. 

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