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Printable Lyric Sheet for Christmas Caroling

The Christmas caroling event is in an hour; a group of singers will be showing up soon and you forgot to plan the music for them—if you’ve led songs for a community of any sort, you’ve probably experienced this same daunting feeling—Don’t fret! I have compiled a printable chorus sheet for Christmas caroling for your next event!

Download the printable lyric sheets for Christmas caroling below, available as .PDF and .DOCX:

So that you stay out of copyright trouble, I have only included Christmas carols and songs that are in the public domain. A public domain song “consists of creative work to which no exclusive intellectual property rights apply. Those rights may have expired, been forfeited, expressly waived, or may be inapplicable” (source).

The front side contains sacred Christmas hymns, all of which you can find in the hymnbook; the backside of the sheet contains seasonal favorites that have little or no reference to the birth of Christ. For ease of use, I’ve squeezed everything onto a double-sided single sheet. I don’t think it’s wise to attempt to sing all these songs at one door.

A side note: As I was searching for public domain Christmas songs, I discovered that songs about Santa Claus are generally not public domain. I have some theories why this may be the case, but whatever the reason, this printable lyric sheet does not mention Santa.

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Daniel Aaron Webster is a minister, writer, and teacher. His primary research interest is early Christian music, especially the musical thought of Clement of Alexandria.

Daniel serves at Welch College as Director of Enrollment & Marketing and as Adjunct Instructor of Music & Theology. He is also the Associate Pastor for Music & Worship at Immanuel Church in Gallatin, TN. 

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